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Match-3 to bring Funko Pop! figures to life!

Collect and play with iconic characters in a brand new matching puzzle game that celebrates the fan in all of us!

Collect in-game Pop!s from your favorite fandoms like Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Universal Monsters, and Fantastik Plastik – just to name a few! Chase high scores and unlock prizes with your favorite in-game Pop! characters: Marty McFly, Blue from Jurassic World, Tigress, Dracula, and many more. See them all come to life with emotions, fun animations, and powerful Supers.

Game Features:

  • Collect your favorite Pop!s
  • Match-3 & activate Blitz Mode
  • Go Super & blast the board
  • Collect Pop! Stickers

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Each Pop! has a Super that celebrates an iconic moment from their movie, show, or TV commercial. These Supers can be activated when enough of that character has been cleared from the board. Supers can be used to clear more Pop!s, or add more time! Match-3 or more to fill the meter to power up your character, then see how they help you get the best score within each 60 second round.


To start Blitz Mode, fill the Blitz meter at the bottom of the board by making matches. When it’s full, Blitz Mode will occur. During Blitz Mode, one of the 5 Pop! characters on the board will disappear temporarily making it easier to make matches and score bonus points.

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