Entry#3- Meet Zoe!

By October 6, 2019 Dev Diary

Meet Zoe!

Name: Zoe Serbin
Role: Associate Art Director

Favorite In-Game Pop! Character: Shrek
Favorite In-Game Pop! Super Animation: Trix Rabbit
Favorite Funko Pop! Figure: Squidward Ballerina

What are you working on right now? 

Giving feedback to the art team, making Menu mock-ups and animatics, and gameplay animation and VFX. The key aspects I’ve been updating are ways to improve booster clarity, satisfying timing & impact, and more exciting visual effects.

I’ve been working to make the art style more consistent across all of the power-ups, making new assets for power-up combinations, and adding more playful animations and particle explosions. The Funko style allows us to lean into comic-book style explosions and text, and that’s been really fun and challenging to explore within the constraints of a timed-based game.

What is your process?

My background is primarily in art, animation, and VFX in Unity. I don’t have any coding experience, so I’ve been working with programmer and tech artist Chad on implementing a lot of these game board improvements. Typically we will discuss what changes we want to make and Chad will code in editable timing, board ripples, explosion impacts, and placeholder art assets. Separately, I’ll be working on assets that have a combination of animation and particle explosions, and then we will combine our work, test it a lot, and tweak the timing, feel, and clarity in multiple passes until it feels right.

Which power-up combo is your favorite?

I really love the Bomb+Super Bonus combination. We implemented a slight anticipation that pulls surrounding Pops in before the electric blast and this really helps to exaggerate the impact. We also made a new asset that combines the colors and iconography of the Bomb and Super Bonus to make it even more clear that you’re combining the two power-ups. It feels really satisfying to make that combination and it looks great.